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Nancy J. Aguinaga, Ph.D.

Southeast Missouri State University
College of Education
Department of Elementary, Early, and Special Education
Office: 401E, Scully Bldg. Office Hours: Mon. 11:00-1:00 and Wed. 11:00-12:00
Monday 8:30 - 10:00 PM at Google Hangouts: njaguinaga
or by appointment

Favorite Links

Video Collection
Camp Connect 2013 - An Inclusive Camp
Trip the Light
Connor and Caden
The Tech Powered Teacher
Google Games
iPad App for Khan Academy
Free technology Toolkit for UDL in ALL Classrooms
Khan Academy
itunes U
YouTube EDU
Free Apps
Temple Grandin
Council for Exceptional Children
Autism Society of America
Autism Internet Modules
Digital Assets

Recent Presentations

TED CEC 2013 - iPad Lessons Learned
MO-CASE 2013
BYOD: What to Expect From Our Students in the Classroom
Integrating iPads in your Teaching
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Diverse Classrooms in the Digital Era - CEC 2012
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Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Recommendations
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) January 2012
TED CEC 2011
American Psychological Association 2011
UDL DI Professional Development 2011
SITE 2011 - Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education
Increasing Possibilities and Opportunities

Current Courses - Spring 2014


Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder - EX 555 Psychology & Education of Sts with Special Needs- EX 635
Psychology & Education of the Exceptional Child EX-390 Intro to Technology for Teachers- ED 251

Recent Policy/Info

Washington Update CEC 2012
DSM 5 Proposed Changes for Autism Spectrum Disorder
UDL goes to the Senate
Learning Powered by Technology - Karen Cator
UDL Guidelines
UDL Systemic Change Template
UDL Class Profile Template
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Early Childhood UDL Checklist
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